Matt Kinghorn is a Nurse Practitioner who began his healthcare career in 2011 when he started with EIRMC as a monitor tech in the Cath Lab while finishing his nursing degree from Idaho State University. After completing his nursing degree he was able to continue working in the Cath Lab as an RN in 2013. He was trained to monitor, circulate, scrub a variety of diagnostic and interventional cardiology cases. In 2017 he began working on his advanced practice degree at the University of Cincinnati. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in May 2019 working as an APRN supporting the cardiology program at Bingham Memorial Hospital. He has extensive experience evaluating and managing patients with all types of cardiovascular issues in both the outpatient and inpatient setting. He has assisted with surgeries, seeing patient in the wound care clinic and working in urgent cares on an as needed basis.

Matt is an Idaho local who grew up in Rigby Idaho and has lived in Idaho for most of his life which is considered home. Idaho will always be home to Matt, but he has left a part of his heart in Hawaii as he spent 5 years building homes in Hawaii. The recession of 2009 encouraged him to seek another career path as building and construction work was hard to find. In 2009 Matt returned home and applied to the nursing program at Idaho State University. His father, uncle and grandfather were all veterinarians and he grew up as a "vet tech" working to support the family clinic. He has always had an interest in medicine, but learned at a young age that veterinary medicine was not for him as he preferred patients that would not bite, scratch or kick him.

As part of Matt's nursing prerequisites he took anatomy and physiology and found a passion for the cardiovascular system. This passion eventually guided him to seek employment in the Cath Lab which spurred him to purse an advanced practice degree in hopes to continue his career in cardiology. His goal ultimately was to someday work in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery as an advanced practice nurse. As a nurse he really enjoys scrubbing and working with his hands in procedural cardiology. Work on cardiovascular and thoracic as an advanced practice nurse allows him to continue to work in the field that he is passionate about and additionally he gets to work with his hand which is something he thoroughly enjoys.

In Matt's free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and their blended family of 6 kids. They are truly a "Brady Bunch" having 3 boys and 3 girls ranging in age from 13 - 17. As a family they enjoy downhill skiing, camping and hiking. Matt really enjoys woodworking, shotgun shooting, especially sporting clays and 5 stand. He enjoys upland game and waterfowl hunting in the fall with his boys. Overall Matt enjoys Idaho as it is a wonderful place to be as it offers such a variety of outdoor activities so close to home.


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University of Cincinnati School of Nursing, Clinical Master of Science in Nursing



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